Why should you hire me?

Because I care. I am a regular person just like you, “Now Married with the Love of my Life, living in my Happily Ever After with my two daughters and once upon a time a DIY Bride”. I know the struggles to get to where you are now... I know what is to pray, dream and work for it, “Because there’s just a few little things that comes for free”. 

My clients are not just a number or just the next couple, they are the living memory of when me and my soulmate embarked into the same journey without return. This is very reason why I always caught myself sentimental “and about to cry I’m not going to lie” every time my couples are in their first dance. Which is also the same reason I really get involved in the wedding preparations process even if I’m just hired for the day of, I like to treat it like it was my own. The only difference now is that I have more education and a vast experience. (Learn about my DIY Bride experience in my blog of 5 Important Reasons to Hire a Coordinator). 

Between DIY Bride and being a Wedding Coordinator now “finally I get to say this: I have the best of both worlds!” I understand how overpriced the industry is as soon as you put the word bride or wedding in front of any sentence. For example: Research the price for a makeup session for your B-Day Bash it may range between the $50-$80. Now research a makeup session for a bride, it will probably range between the $150-$200 “mind you not that this makeup is more subtle and soft” or when you rent a venue with “all inclusive” yet they will charge you extra on charger plates, really?

Now that’s where I come in. I’m not your average coordinator. I always try to have some inventory available to my brides at no extra cost (Put a cherry on the top please!), because I understand what really means working on a budget. Being a “Freelance” Wedding Coordinator with a Team of Professionals as a backup enables me to offer far more than what you pay for. Giving you the opportunity of having your Elegant Dream Wedding with the Details, that do matter!, at a fraction of the cost. No wedding is too big or too small for us!

Being a General Manager in a previous job (which by the way wedding coordination is not my actual job, is my passion) had thought me to be way much more responsible, reliable, honest and compassionate person “not that I wasn’t prior to” but being in that position helped me to see things throughout other people’s eyes, which also made me more mature and aid me to grow into the person whom I really am.

Let me get to the point here: I guess what I am trying to say is that, I am not here just for the money, I am here for the fun part. The planning, preparations, guidance, help, be a copy of you when vendors bring in something that is not of quality and expectations, to direct your whole wedding so that you can be worry-free and really enjoy such a significant and memorable day and last but not least for the dancing and partying!!    

“I think this resumes it all”.