Day Of Coordination

What is Required for a Wedding Planner on the Day of Coordination?

The Day of coordination is obviously the most important part of a wedding planner’s job. This day is often on the wedding day or in the day leading up to it, as all the vendors whose services have been booked will converge on the location to prepare for the upcoming event. As locations are often booked for a set amount of time the day of the wedding, these vendors need to be very efficient and on time with the services they are providing.


The wedding planner needs to be on top of this schedule, ensuring any problems these vendors encounter can be quickly solved. It’s also a good idea for a wedding planner to have back-ups for vendors or has at least thought through all the worst case scenarios for various problems that could arise without warning. They also need to be watching the clock to keep things moving on schedule—a wedding that goes to long can be very expensive for their client!