Flower Arrangements

How to Save Money on Flower Arrangements at a Wedding

Flower arrangements are a very necessary part of most weddings, but along with most other wedding related line items, they can end up being very expensive. However, there are a number of crafty ways to save money on floral arrangements for a wedding for those on a tighter budget. A few of these ideas are listed below.


First, consider only having flowers in certain places, like where the ceremony is taking place and areas around the venue that may need a little sprucing up. That way you can have a florist concentrate on just a couple arrangements rather than flowers on every table.


When it comes to centerpieces, other items can be made by the wedding party to create fun, cute centerpieces for guests while they eat. These can range between candles to homemade centerpieces of various items that work with the style of the wedding and the bride and groom.