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12 Ideas for Cocktail Hour Live Entertainment

I've spent tons of time with couples planning memorable and meaningful celebrations. One area that recently started to get big on entertainment is the Cocktail Hour, this is when your guests mingle with old and new friends, eat and drink a little, get acquainted with their table information and write on your guestbook. I always like this opportunity to elevate your event with some type of 1 or 2 live entertainments. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Having good music is important; However, if you are able to have some kind of live acoustic musician is ten times better. Think saxophonist, violin, acoustic guitar player, etc.

  • caricature artist is always a plus, the sketchers can become favors as well.

  • A magician, it will provide your guests a fun and interactive experience, in that same line fortune tellers, mime and comedians are a great choice as well. Who doesn't like a good laugh?

  • Strolling Tables, this a special servers with particular attire offering food, another twist are living statues.

  • Live dancers and performers. Say like belly dancers, fire dancers, flamenco or even aerial silk performances.

  • Cigar bar, specially if the groom is into cigars. Its very interesting to watch and its smells amazing!

  • Flair Bartending, this are not your regular bartenders. This bartenders entertain the crowds by manipulating bar tools and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways.

  • Interactive guest book, snap a pic and post it on the book type of thing. Another new type of interactive way is to have a specific phone and your guests could record a message for you. Another interactive way is to add a date night and anniversary bucket list.

As you can see the ideas are endless, not only can be used in cocktail hour but at any point in your reception. So lets get creative together and add fun ways to entertain your guests!

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